12th Century Norman Sword

Original: c.1100 - 1250
Northern Europe,
Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow.
A well known leading expert on medieval swords comments that the original 12th Century Norman Sword could be from as early as 1100 to as late as 1250.
The pommel, a faceted wheel, is a shape encountered in the Leppaho Viking swords, a group of swords excavated from Viking graves dating from 980-1000.  The crossguard is of an early form, which the Vikings referred to as Gaddhjalt [spike hilt].  The blade is designed for the cutting style of fighting used during this period and has a fuller running 2/3 the length of the blade.  Our version features a hardwood handle, wrapped in leather.  The cross guard and pommel are solid steel, polished and fitted onto a full tang that is peened at top of the pommel for strength and durability.  And is how many of the originals were fitted.  The scabbard is made from wood then wrapped in leather with a solid steel end cap.
Blade length:  34 ½".
Handle/Hilt length:  8 ½".
Overall:  43".

Weight:  3 lbs. 6 oz..
Balance Point:  5.5" Below Hilt

Blade Thickness:  3/16" .
Blade Steel: Virgin Flat Bar Stock of 5160 and/or 1060 High Carbon Steel