Falcata Sword
(Historical Replica)

As used by the Ancient Iberians and Early Celts the Falcata Sword has a Brass grip and a heavy chopping blade.  Steel single edge blade, curved and broader towards the point.  Used by the Celt-Iberians of Roman times.  It was described as one of the most devastating swords the Romans ever went against.  Our Falcata is the only one that comes both with a sharp edge and with a scabbard!
Blade length:  20 ½".
Handle/Hilt length:  6".
Overall: 26 ½".

Weight:  1 lbs. 13 oz..
Balance Point: 4 ½" Below Hilt

Blade Thickness:  3/16"
Blade Steel: Virgin Flat Bar Stock of 5160 and/or 1060 High Carbon Steel
Falcata Sword