Anjour Captain's Sword.

The Anjour Captain's Sword is a single hand sword of Norman decent. The Count of Anjour would have nothing to fear knowing his Captain of the Guard had such a blade. The long sword blade style and lightweight design gives it excellent balance and superb handling. The fuller (Blood Groove) runs 70% of the blade and the 3" Ricasso (a non- sharp thick part of the blade edge extending from the base of the hilt area) adds extra strength to the critical blade base.

The Anjour line has been retired as of Aug., 2003 and we only have
2 pieces left

as of 9/1/06.

A Full Leather Scabbard is included.


Blade length:  32".

Handle/Hilt length:  8". 
Overall:  40".
Blade: 1060 Carbon Steel, Full Tang
Weight:  3 lbs. 3oz.

Price $289.00