Roman Maintz Sword 
(History Lives)

Most early versions of the gladius had wasp waisted blades with a long point that combined cutting power with a long stabbing point. Some later gladius, like our Roman Maintz Sword, were made with a straighter blade but still with the long point.  Even later versions (like the Pompeii pattern) were not waisted and also had a shorter point but were just as effective - and easier to make. Both swords served side-by-side for many years and it was not uncommon to find 4th century Legionnaires carrying either models. The gladius is known as "the sword that conquered the world".  It features a full tang construction, high carbon blade, hard wood handle.  High polished steel spacer at the bottom of the handle for strength and durability. 

A leather scabbard is included. 

Blade length:  21" 

Handle/Hilt length: 8 1/4" 

Overall:  29 1/4" 

Balance Point:  2 1/2" Below Hilt 

Weight:  2 lbs. 8 ozs. 
Price $189.00