Generation2 BWT Katana 
Basic katana sword with a twist
Description This is a new one for Generation2.  We have had allot of people ask us to come out with a katana that strong enough for competition but with a traditional style.  And we listened, but we added a few high end items to it to really catch your attention.  Many of you have been with us long enough to now how we pay attention to detail and the fit and finish. 
First the Handle ... Habaki: Steel, with a burnished copper finish ... O-seppa: Brass ... Seppa: Copper 
Tsuba: Steel, with a Black Finish ... Fuchi/Kashira (Band at the top of handle and bottom of the handle above the Tsuba): Water Buffalo Horn ... Ito (Wrapping): Brown Suede ... Real Same, Black ... Peg: 2 Bamboo Pins ... Menuki:  Copper with "Floral" design 

How is that as a start? 

Second the Blade ... Tempered high carbon blade with a Real Hammon line.  The Hammon is not acid dipped as with most so you can see it, but as you can barely see on the picture to the left at just the right angle you can see the difference just above the edge, where the blade darkens. 
The blade comes with a full bohi and nice slanted tip.  The RC Factor on the Edge is 57/58 and along the back the RC Factor is 40. 

You can also see the curvature of the blade (especially you competition cutters)  this will be a very strong sword.  We are not trying to compete with anyone just to full fill our customer's request. 

Lastly the Saya ... Full wood saya, black lacquered with the Koiguchi / Kurikata / Kojiri made from Water Buffalo Horn 

Stats Blade length:  28" 
Blade Thickness: 1/4"
Handle/Hilt length:  11" 
Overall:  40" 
Price $369

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