Wallace Claymore
(Historical Replica)
The Wallace Claymore is a style of "Early Claymore". William Wallace and his band of lowland scots routed an English force of 50,000 at Stirling Castle in 1297.  This impressive sword with it's straight steel cross quard is a predecessor to the later Claymore that had the downsloping guard that developed in the late 15th century.  The legend of William Wallace will continue to live on with this sword. 
Unlike other large claymore swords, this one comes with a full length top grain leather scabbard. The cross guard and pommel are solid steel, not nickle plated brass like others.  This sword also features a full heavy tang.
Blade length:  40".
Handle/Hilt length:  14".
Overall: 54".

Weight:  6 lbs.
Balance Point: 5 ½" Below Hilt

Blade Thickness:  3/16" .
Blade Steel: Virgin Flat Bar Stock of 5160 and/or 1060 High Carbon Steel
Wallace Claymore