Maximilian Dagger Steel .
(Historical Replica)

Holy Roman Emperor and German King Maximilian I, 1459-1519, loved both arms and armor. The Maximilian Dagger is an example of King Maximilian's actual designs for arms. He also never held back from a good fight. In 1479, King Louis invaded Burgundy and the Netherlands region and was met by Emperor Maximilian. In a short battle, the French Calvary defeated the Imperial Horse, but in the end the field was held by the infantry led my the Emperor and King Maximilian fighting on foot with his men. This beautiful dagger with central fullers is not only great looking, but it feels great to hold as well.


Blade length:  13".
Handle/Hilt length:  6". 
Overall:  19".
Blade: 1060 Carbon Steel.
Weight:  1 lb. 6 oz.

$99.00 Maximilian Dagger
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